Business VoIP provides geographical freedom around the globe

    Businesses that use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology can benefit from unprecedented geographical freedom and cost-effective solutions. Because VoIP technology allows for phone use over networks rather than phone lines, affordable calls can be made from any location.

    VoIP saves business' money and gives independence

    The technology of internet phone calls is already saving money for firms around the globe, but it can also provide them with a lot of independence.


    Since offices often have speedy internet connections already in place, VoIP can be implemented for very affordable prices. Some online applications of VoIP are free.


    "If I have an office in London, but I want to call customers in Manchester as if I'm calling from a 0161 Manchester number, I can achieve that using a VoIP trunk," said Patrick Tarbitt, business manager for the small business sector sales at Cisco UK and Ireland, according to ihotdesk.


    Money can be saved when VoIP is used for communication between office branches in different locations, said Tarbitt.


    Traditional PBX providers offer VoIP services as well, recognizing the benefits of the technology.


    Run a business from multiple locations on multiple devices

    A benefit of using VoIP system is the ability to run a business from anywhere. Business executives and other employees can make calls, listen to voice mail, send faxes and more on using VoIP technology.


    Resource Nation asserted that a traditional phone system is like a chain, trapping users to a certain location.


    VoIP changing telecommunications around the globe

    VoIP has not only been used to improve and replace traditional phone systems, but its legalization in South Africa in 2005 helped jump-start the growth of new communications operators in the country.


    "After this legalization of VoIP, operators began popping up in South Africa like daisies in the springtime," said Mitchell Barker, chief executive of a VoIP provider, according to ITWeb.


    "Since VOIP is just another software platform running on a server, many providers can - and do - offer advanced VoIP services for low cost," Barker continued. "But more importantly, call quality is not sacrificed."


    Barker noted that employees can be moved to different locations without affecting communications. The benefits of VoIP go far beyond its cost efficiency. Barker cited how the simple move of an employee and her or his phone line to a new desk presented problems.