Businesses evaluate reliability before moving to VoIP

    With the large push toward VoIP and cloud VoIP communications, it is important for companies to examine reliability as a deciding factor in their decision to make a move to VoIP. According to Resource Nation, there are a wide variety of issues that can negatively affect a company during or after a shift to a hosted phone system, the most important of which is an unreliable internet service provider.

    As voice over IP solutions rely on an internet connection to operate, if a business loses connectivity, or worse, power, their phone service can go down. However, this is easily solved in one of two ways - switching to a better ISP, or using mobile options. Many VoIP products support mobile integration, allowing employees to reroute phone calls from their computer or VoIP phone to their mobile device.


    At the same time, VoIP is becoming increasingly popular for business and personal use, and more federal regulations are being put in place to ensure the quality of VoIP service. Most recently, the Federal Communications Commission now requires VoIP providers to report outages, as they may affect 911 service. Ultimately, the push to VoIP communications will encourage improved reliability and quality.



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