Businesses moving to the cloud for communications

    A recent InformationWeek survey revealed that traditional unified communications platforms and business phone services are quickly on their way out, as hosted and cloud-based services are quickly making enterprise telephony significantly more flexible.

    According to the news source, the traditional enterprise handset is rapidly being replaced by mobile devices that are often employee owned, but equipped with the ability to reach hosted enterprise telephony solutions.

    This move toward cloud-based telephony services is only the beginning, the report said, as businesses are increasingly looking at traditional phone options as unwieldy platforms that can be more cost-efficiently requisitioned from the cloud.

    The shift toward consumerized IT has created an environment where many employees are using unified communications capabilities on their smartphones, even going as far as to circumvent company policies to access these capabilities. This is hastening the move to cloud-based business phone services that are portable enough to work with mobile technologies.

    Turning to the cloud can also help organizations leverage advanced disaster recovery capabilities. Since phone services are no longer tied directly to an enterprise PBX, and are instead tied to the cloud, organizations can now keep their lines of communication active even if the power goes out at their offices.

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