Businesses should place security measures on mobile devices

    As the business world continues to embrace the bring your own device movement, IT departments are encouraged to institute security measures and company policies to keep mobile data safe from possible breaches.

    About 78 percent of companies allow employees to conduct business on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, according to a recent study conducted by Forrester Research for Trend Micro. Although BYOD has proven to be a convenient technology, data loss protection is an important concern for any business.


    As companies have done for the cloud, security measures should be implemented for mobile devices. A complex password should be required whenever an employee turns on a device. As with a cloud service, encryption could also prevent possible data breaches. Employees should update their hardware routinely, and IT departments should review BYOD company policies for training, according to TechTarget's Dan Sullivan.


    IT departments that use a MDM system, which monitors and manages mobile devices in a business, are "in a better position than most," according to Fast Company's David Lavenda. If an employee were to report a lost smartphone or tablet, IT could use the MDM system to wipe information off of the device.


    Sullivan wrote that companies should set up a network where employees can register to access company documents. This will allow business owners to detect any unauthorized users on the network and alert them to possible breaches.


    Experts agree businesses that have already embraced the BYOD movement have noticed a rise in productivity. As safety concerns rise, companies should enforce safety regulations as data loss protection.



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