Busy Medical Clinic Deploys ShoreTel Contact Center to Improve Patient Services

    Sacramento Family Medical Clinics, Inc. (SFMC) is a privately held corporation with 10 locations and a goal to deliver the benefits of university-level healthcare to the greatest number and diversity of Sacramento area families. The SFMC is focused on primary care for all age groups and offers services in preventive care, episodic area for acute illness and injury, long-term care for chronic conditions, laboratory and X-ray services, pediatric and internal medicine, and psychiatric consultations. The SFMC sees about 60,000 patients annually and is continually growing to accommodate about 1,600 new patients each month.

    To accommodate relentless growth while improving call services for patients, vendors, and staff, SFMC needed a more flexible, feature-rich and cost-efficient call center that would integrate with existing virtualized HP environments.  SFMC selected a ShoreTel UC Solution for optimal business agility and efficiency: ShoreTel Contact Center, ShoreTel IP Phone licenses, and ShoreTel Voice Switches. Benefits have included:

    • Lower TCO with no need to purchase server hardware, ability to scale with growth, and simpler administration.

    • Greater productivity and efficiency with flexible tools, single interface, shorter learning curve, and easier collaboration.

    • Better customer services with faster, accurate call routing and streamlined workflows, customizable reporting features, and 50% more calls answered by operator within a few minutes.

    • Seamless integration with HP and VMware virtualized environments for faster data retrieval and cost savings by running ShoreTel on virtual servers.

    “ShoreTel allows us to handle the growth as we scale. I’m a data guy and don’t really like working with phone systems. But ShoreTel has been a breath of fresh air compared to managing the old system, and it runs on our HP virtual servers for excellent interoperability and cost savings.” —Scott Jenkins, IT Director, Sacramento Family Medical Clinics