The Buzz Around Phybridge

    The ShoreTel Champion Partner Conference is in full swing. If you're here come by Booth 35 to visit Phybridge - there's quite a bit of buzz around their new data switch.

    Here's what they have to say:


    There is lots of buzz around the new data switch introduced by Phybridge and how it can help ShoreTel Resellers win business.

    The PoLRE (Power over Long Range Ethernet) has high-end power features similar to Cisco POE switches that cost three times as much. Many ShoreTel partners viewed the Phybridge switch as a way to get around cabling problems but the disruptive innovation is much more than that. Partners are starting to get the game changing value proposition the solution brings to the market.

    It is about moving the convergence point from every desktop to a single point in the central closet. The PoLRE switch innovation delivers Ethernet and PoE over a single pair of CAT3 with four times the reach of traditional switches. You now can tell the customer we are simply going to replace your existing dated Nortel phone with a state of the art ShoreTel IP phone at every desk (with the Phybridge Rj11 to RJ45 converter) and swap out your old PBX with the ShoreTel IP solution and connect into the network centrally to create the best converged LAN topology.

    Old Digital today, New ShoreTel IP tomorrow-It’s that fast.

    With a Phybridge backbone complementing the existing data switch fabric you can offer guaranteed quality of service, Voice continuity, eliminate financial and operation risks, better security and future proof the network that your competitor using daisy chain LAN topology can’t. Phybridge has some powerful point of sales tool that our partners here at the ShoreTel Champion Conference are very excited about.

    If your company is battling the Cisco factor in every deal, then it is time to change tactics! Too often the LAN infrastructure is pulling the customer to a Data lead voice decision and away from ShoreTel. Phybridge can change that. We are the only company in the world that can deliver both Ethernet and POE over a single twisted pair to distances 4X of standard Ethernet. This amazing solution can reduce your customer's costs significantly and bolster your revenue and margins at the same time. Come visit Phybridge at the Exhibitors area to learn how other ShoreTel VARs are using the Phybridge solution in conjunction with their voice offerings to eliminate the competition and win larger deals. Phybridge simplifies the infrastructure discussion and creates a value proposition that is often unmatched in the market due its low cost, quick and easy implementation methodology. Visit us at!

    Good For Customers, Great For Partners. The Phybridge UniPhyer is the only networking switch in the world to provide Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) over a single pair with 1,200 ft reach. Businesses can migrate to IP telephony using their existing voice infrastructure to confidently deploy IP phones and any other IEEE Ethernet device eliminating business or network disruptions. Partners can create a repeatable, predictable, scalable deployment process eliminating LAN readiness barriers and ensure a high value customer experience, quicker sales and deployment cycles and a strong differentiator with good business margin.

    Old Phone Today, IP Phone Tomorrow, Guaranteed QoS.