BYOA Accompanies BYOD into the Workplace

    HiRes2BYOA (Bring Your Own Application), an offshoot of the BYOD trend, is causing some businesses to take a second look to ensure their networked systems can handle the integration of new, disparate apps from employees.

    Gartner said 70 percent of workers using their own device tap their own applications to do their job. This growing practice is creating pressure on CIOs to keep up, notes a recent article from Webtorials.

    “IT solutions and innovations are embedded into everyday business functions, and companies must be prepared to handle these challenges before they rush after BYOD and allow BYOA,” the article said. “Desktop virtualization, cloud applications, BYOD, social media and unified communications are just a few examples of IT functions which companies rely upon on an everyday basis. All of these apps or services are offered to the user via private or public networks, and it's the network therefore which needs to bear the brunt of the strain.”

    A good course of action would be for businesses to guarantee each application's performance and align the network with the enterprise's business goals, the article said.

    With a UC solution leveraging VoIP telephony to deliver multimedia communications, enterprise apps, and personal information into an integrated environment, ShoreTel keeps up with the demands of this trend. It allows users to engage in BYOD and BYOA with ShoreTel Mobility and ShoreTel Dock, a software and hardware  combination for mobile users, as well as with ShoreTel Director, a browser-based administrative interface that lets IT staff maintain the system from anywhere on the network.