We’re in the midst of NLCS playoffs and excitement around the San Francisco Giants and the team’s opportunity to make it to the World Series has reached a fever pitch.

The ShoreTel team is particularly excited during playoff week – not only because of the great baseball, but because the San Francisco Giants team is a ShoreTel customer.

Indeed, the Giants are known for being one of the most technology-savvy teams in the league.

Despite a busy playoff week we had a chance to catch up with Bill Schlough, Sr. VP and CIO at San Francisco Giants, and learned that ShoreTel actually played a role in helping the Giants keep one of its key employees in business after a communications misfire threatened to take her phone down during the height of the NLCS.

Here’s what happened:

There’s a highly publicized dispute between Cablevision and Fox on the East Coast that means that many subscribers cannot view MLB playoffs on their local cable channels. This week, a mistakenly publicized phone number encouraged Cablevision subscribers to voice their displeasure with the fact that the MLB playoffs have been effectively blacked out—and it was routed (unbeknownst to the Giants) to one of the team’s front office staff!

As a result, she received hundreds of phone calls and was effectively put out of business—right in the midst of possibly the most critical week of the season.

ShoreTel Sales Engineer John Casselman came up with a creative solution and re-routed the employee’s number to a mini call-tree that enabled fans to select one option to share their views on the Cablevision/Fox dispute, and another to reach the employee.

Problem solved, and tragedy averted. As Bill said, “We couldn’t have done this without the flexibility of ShoreTel.”

We are looking forward to watching our home town team dial in a big win on Saturday. Celebrate with us—if you “Like” us, you can enter our Facebook contest for a chance to win a pizza party for 30 people.

Go Giants!

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