BYOD offers businesses many advantages

    Organizations worldwide are experiencing a new IT phenomenon as their employees bring their own devices, such as smartphones and tablets, into the workplace. A recent report highlighted ways businesses can leverage the bring your own device (BYOD) trend in their favor.

    The news source asserted that BYOD helps companies lower costs because they are no longer required to equip workers with this technology. Also, employees are more comfortable because they choose what devices they want to use for work.


    "There are many ways to apply BYOD with minimal effort, such as cloud PBX systems and unified communications, file servers, centralized email hosting, and many other solutions that allow employees to keep in the loop using technologies they already personally own," the Smallbiztechnology report explained.


    Although BYOD is considered helpful, this IT trend can have downfalls if companies are not prepared to deal with the development. The news source said some businesses simply lack control over employees who access information through their personal devices.


    Another issue with BYOD is that some employees may be too distracted with personalized applications or games and not focused on work, the news provider added.


    "We don't know what’s in store for the future, but for the moment, all we're sure of is that we must be able to take as much control as we can over any vulnerabilities," the Smallbiztechnology report concluded. "In order to make your way through this new trend you must be prepared, be informed and know exactly how to keep your company’s information safe and secure."


    Majority of companies support BYOD


    A recent survey by an IT solutions vendor suggested that many businesses are supporting BYOD. Of the companies polled, 95 percent said they allow workers to bring their own devices into the workplace. The vendor said that the number of products per employee is expected to grow from 2.8 in 2012 to 3.3 by 2014.


    The survey also found that 84 percent of organizations that allow BYOD also have some infrastructure in place to support this trend, while 36 percent said they offer full support.


    Of the white-collar employees in the United States polled by the firm, 78 percent said they use mobile devices for work-related tasks and 65 percent said they need such technology to perform their jobs.



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