Call center isn't dead yet

    While some experts believe that the call center may soon see its end due to increased smartphone adoption, Mashable contributor Jeff Valentine knows better. He says call centers won't fade away, but will adapt to new customer service needs to continue providing support.

    The Pew Internet and American Life Project recently showed that smartphones have now surpassed regular mobile phones in sales, and according to Zor Gorelov, this news means that the contact center "will cease to be the primary interaction channel between companies and their customers." However, Valentine presented a good case as to why this is not so.


    According to Valentine, call centers have a wider reach than smartphones, and improving the communications tools these businesses use will cost far less than migrating entirely to a smartphone-centric model. Implementing a cloud-based unified communications solution can be up to 70 percent less expensive.


    Regardless of which tools consumers use to receive customer support, businesses will still need to use communication tools to provide that service, and it costs less to improve the tools businesses already use than to implement entirely new ones.



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