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    How a Call Center Coding Issue Became a Digital Self-Service Win


    For today’s contact centers, it’s vital to study customer service best practices from a variety of verticals to learn and adapt your strategy for success—which is why we’re looking to help out.

    Read on for a story from Jeannie Walters, CEO of 360Connext, to find out how one call center uncovered an issue coding problem that ultimately lead to fewer calls and happier customers.

    And get the full e-book for nine other customer experience horror stories—but more importantly, for key lessons on how they were resolved or how they could have been avoided in the first place.


    “Think about ways to really hear your customers.”

    Your customer’s experience is difficult to understand. As much as we want to, when we are inside an organization with deadlines, demands and departmental disputes, we can’t see from the outside in. This leads to frustrating experiences for your customers, who have to deal with fractured experiences!

    In one such case, customers were calling into the company’s call center several times a day with similar complaints. They couldn’t find the right way to access personal accounts online. The call center reps were great at walking them through the somewhat outdated and cumbersome process to get to the right place. This happened several times a day, and the call center reps were well-prepared for it. But the customers were calling at a point when they were already very, very frustrated. But that’s where the experience got stalled.

    The reps used a system to record what kind of issue a customer had, and there simply wasn’t the right category for this particular situation.

    Each rep came up with their own way to classify these calls, using codes like “wrong login information” or “online tutorial.” Since the information wasn’t passed on to the digital team, they never redesigned this part of the process, leading to frustrated customers and many unnecessary calls.

    Finally, in an effort to get to know customers better, a new executive decided to sit in on a few hours worth of customer calls. She heard this same scenario over and over and realized quickly it was an issue that could be proactively addressed.

    By learning what the root cause was, she directed the digital team to design a better process and test it quickly.

    Within just a few weeks, the issue was resolved and customers were accessing their accounts without a problem. This also led to fewer calls and happier customers. It was a win-win-win!

    Processes and categories only go so far when dealing with human beings. Humans are irrational, emotional and constantly changing! It’s critical to think about ways to really hear your customers, and not just in ways that help you categorize them.


    Customer experience horror stories ebook


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