Call Center Software Can Benefit Any Part Of The Company


    There are several aspects of modern business that contribute to the success or failure of any given company. On the surface, it might appear as though the organization that can provide the lowest price for their products or services will be the sure winner in the end. But according to Practical Ecommerce contributor Jordan Lindberg, this is a "one-dimensional" way to capture a share of any given market, and can potentially drive smaller enterprises out of business.

    This is why customer service is now more important than ever. Due to major advancements in unified communications technology, there are expectations of availability that customers are beginning to demand from the businesses they support. Some larger companies do not offer help desk support beyond FAQ Web pages and similar informal means of customer engagement. While these resources can be incredibly beneficial in many instances, they lack a personalized touch that many people desire in assistance. It may be that their problem does not appear on the list of given situations, or that it might be different in some way. This can result in lost revenue should customers decide that they are not being helped to a proper degree.

    Visibility is crucial these days for companies. In order to circumvent lost sales and dissatisfied clients, it is important that communications networks, namely those in contact centers, are outfitted with the best in hardware and programming tools.

    Customer Interactions Go Beyond Help Desk

    The world has gotten a lot smaller than it was at the dawn of the digital age. More people are finding themselves with an increasing number of channels through which to make connections. As a result of this, more employees are finding themselves needing to handle certain customer or client-based interactions. While contact centers are generally the ones handling one-off calls regarding minor issues, it stands to reason that workers from any part of the organization could be summoned to assist someone. This is one of the biggest reasons why reflexive telecom resources are needed in every division of an organization.

    "Every member of your staff is an ambassador for your brand, for better or for worse," wrote Lindberg. "The behavior and responsiveness of your team will inevitably be associated with the company as a whole. Furthermore, often enough customer service doesn't begin or end with the 'customer service department.' Anyone who works at your company could be called upon to interact with a customer or prospective customer, and the reputation of your entire organization will pivot around the sum total of all of those individual interactions."

    As days go by, more companies are starting to recognize this truth. The Internet has greatly magnified the visibility of any given person, meaning that businesses look even bigger by comparison. The ability to reach out and to be similarly contacted via multiple communications platforms is one that can come back to haunt companies if they are not prepared to embrace it. It would seem, however, that the number of organizations that are not pushing to improve their networks is dwindling.

    Market Reports Prove Increased UC Interest

    Greater connectivity in the workplace is not just a trend or a fad. It represents a fundamental change in technology and attitudes that shows no sign of fading out. Failing to leverage call center software and resources in any part of the company can set businesses back if they wait too long.

    According to research from MarketsandMarkets, the market for unified communications-as-a-service will, by 2019, be worth $23.34 billion. This figure is a clear indicator that companies are taking the availability of these new assets very seriously, and many of the organizations that have not put them into place are at least starting to figure out how they will do so.

    The Right Staff Is Always the First Step

    But that is not to say that unified communications is a plug-and-play, fix-all bandage for any issue that a company might be having in terms of productivity. These services should be sought out by companies that want to best unlock the potential of their hard-working employees. Organizations need to develop these initiatives along with their staff members in order to launch a UC infrastructure. Doing so without them, or believing that a general implementation will magically rectify any ongoing concerns, is not an advisable course of action. 

    "The truth is that much of the success of this approach hinges on hiring smart and sensitive people in the first place; people who understand and support your mission and who are committed to the same values that you are," wrote Lindberg. "And then the experience of dealing with a range of situations over a long period of time will hone their judgment and increase their effectiveness in managing difficult situations without someone looking over their shoulder."