Call center technology provides vital integration and collaboration benefits

    Advances in unified communications and VoIP service have brought invaluable benefits for businesses. According to Smart Business, the integration of voice and data networks can give a company a competitive edge by offering improved flexibility while decreasing longterm costs at the same time. A hosted VoIP option lets a business adapt to changes in customer and employee needs and make changes to the network quickly. If the company grows, it's simply a matter of increasing bandwidth rather than upgrading expensive hardware.

    A VoIP phone system also gives a business the flexibility to migrate to a hosted network all at once, or over time. VoIP can be implemented in 24 hours or slowly replace legacy PBX systems as needed, according to the news source. By choosing the best cloud-based telecommunication service for its needs, a company can not only allow for adaptability, but improve quality as well.

    Hosted PBX solutions are also known for increased voice quality and mobility. Allowing employees the option to work from home, or access the company voice network from a personal mobile device, can improve productivity without the risk of reducing call quality.

    A full cloud-based unified communications deployment with voice integration provides for all of these benefits and more - specifically increased collaboration. According to Unified Communications Strategies, this is only possible when the business adopts UC as more than an upgrade to its current email system, which many businesses do.

    By focusing a UC deployment on the needs of specific departments, a business can ensure that the needs of all employees are met. High quality UC is adaptable so the company can adjust specific features for each group of employees, like the IT department, with even more customization available on the individual level.

    According to UC Strategies, properly deployed UC can transform a business in positive ways. This is only achievable with full commitment and communication between all areas of the business. From the sales team to upper executives, all professionals involved in the business need to know what unified communications can do for them, and communicate back their own needs for a collaboration system. By meeting these goals, any new telecommunication adoption will see maximized benefits.

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