Call centers and contact centers can use gamification for success

    Call centers and contact centers can turn to gamification as a way to improve the performance of customer service agents.

    Gamification involves rewarding performance with prizes and badges, as in a game. By turning customer support into a fun activity, one that measure performance while also giving rewards, productivity and motivation will increase, according to TriplePundit.


    "For call centers and IT support desks, gamification can provide real-time dashboards in a fun and engaging manner," said Siddhesh Bhobe, associate vice president at Persistent Systems, reported PCAdvisor.


    According to contributor Erica Swallow on Forbes, customer support tickets are often repetitive, but gamification can make them fun. Gamification also promotes healthy competition within companies. Those who can answer the most calls, solve the most problems or make customers happiest will see immediate rewards.


    One of the best aspects of gamification is that it offers real time analysis of performance, reported PCAdvisor. Those who previously had to wait for annual reports can now find out how they are doing and how they can improve immediately.


    As companies seek to optimize contact centers and call centers for customer support, they might consider using gamification strategies to motivate agents.



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