Call recording offers just as many benefits to small businesses as it does large

    While many businesses explore managed VoIP solutions for cost savings and quality benefits, call recording options may provide just as many improvements. Better known for its use by large contact centers for analyzing call data and increasing sales volume, it can do the same for the smaller call center as well.

    Call recording finds the most use in training support agents. A company can analyze information from calls to find weak points to improve on, or even use the data to solve client disputes. Being able to easily record a call on a cloud phone system gives the business the ability to better track employee productivity and evaluate quality of work. This can ultimately lead to improved service, which in turn increases customer loyalty and sales.

    A cloud VoIP solution provides many of the features of a high-end telephone system at a much lower cost. According to SMEWeb, small businesses can now benefit from the services that were previously only available to large companies. Hosted VoIP is also known for high audio quality, and as it is cloud-based, will continue to work despite phone system loss and other problems.

    In addition to the benefits of call recording, VoIP provides a number of other excellent solutions to everyday business needs. The option to work from home is becoming increasingly popular among professionals. According to Credit Donkey, over 26 million U.S. employees teleworked in 2010, and that number has been steadily rising every year. VoIP allows these employees to easily connect with work, collaborate with co-workers and save on the cost of utilizing personal phone lines or minutes on their cellular plan.

    For businesses big or small that are considering implementing VoIP business phone systems, SMEWeb has a few recommendations. Firstly, the system must meet the telecommunciation requirements of the company, as well as be prepared for any future growth. The business should also compare the expenditure to its current phone bill and equipment costs - physical PBX and phone systems require maintenance that cloud-based ones do not. Many hosted VoIP solutions are less expensive overall than traditional phone systems, and provide significant cost savings and revenue increases.

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