Canadian Resort Displaces Mitel for ShoreTel to Improve Communications

    White Oaks is a five-star resort includes 220 well-appointed rooms, a 27-hole golf course, restaurants, state-of-the-art business center, full-service spa, and health club. With a professional and innovative staff of 520 who cater to ensuring a positive experience for every guest, White Oaks places a premium on communications.

    The White Oaks IT department recently upgraded older Mitel PBX systems, but one year after the deployment, problems began. White Oaks needed a VoIP and mobility solution offering reliability, scalability, cost efficiency and simpler administration.

    After considering Avaya and Cisco, White Oaks said no to the status quo and displaced the Mitel system for a ShoreTel PBX and seamless integration with ShoreTel Mobility.

    Benefits include:

    • Savings of $300 for each Spectralink device displaced with a smartphone on the ShoreTel network.
    • Seamless anywhere anytime usage of UC tools across desktops and smartphones.
    • Cost avoidance, lowered support costs, reduced PTSN connectivity costs.
    • ROI on device hardware and reduction in airtime charges.

    “Cost savings and reliability are probably the biggest benefits we derive from the ShoreTel environment, for our company, our operations. The resiliency, the simplicity and impressive capabilities give us ongoing, day-to-day cost avoidance and greater peace of mind.”

    - Adrien Carlyle, IT Manager at White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa