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The other day I tried an experiment. I went one full business day without my mobile. To ensure the authenticity of the experiment, I included my iPad® as “off limits.” What a day.

Most of us are familiar with the five stages of grief. I experienced my own five stages. Anxiety, Liberation, Separation, Acceptance, Isolation. The last stage was the most interesting. I felt quite alone. Not the cool alone (givin’ it to the Man!), but the sense of not being a part of societal norm.

Rules of society have now permeated technology. Just like crossing at a crosswalk, queuing up in a grocery store and parking in designated spaces, carrying a mobile device at all times is the norm and a near requirement of being a part of society.

Now that my unscientific experiment is over and my thesis concluded, I think the opportunity to maximize the potential upside of this for businesses of all sizes is ripe and ready. Everyone is talking about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), but no one is capitalizing and investing in BYOD like VMware®. It appears to me that VMware has focused on three key facts:

  1. Everyone carries a mobile device (but may not always use it for business purposes).
  2. Working remotely, or from home, is no longer an exception to the rule but becoming more and more prevalent.
  3. Each business user has different needs as applications differ by job description from data entry clerk, to accountant, to salesperson, etc.

Put all of these elements together, get a room full of smart people, and build a solution where everyone wins and you are certain to strike a cord with all stakeholders. VMware® Horizon™ Workspace did just this. In its simplest terms, Horizon Workspace creates a separate workspace on your mobile device. Click on the icon and you leave your personal profile on the device and enter your business profile, complete with separate log-in, separate phone number, separate email, and your own, tailored business applications.

Who wins? Everyone does. Let’s look at it more closely:

  • The employee keeps their personal device of choice and has the flexibility to truly work from everywhere with a complete, personalized corporate profile.
  • The mobile carrier can now charge two license fees per single device – one for personal profile (paid for by the employee) and one for the business profile (paid for by the employer).
  • The business no longer has to buy mobile devices for employees, no longer pays for each employee’s personal plans, increases employee productivity, and creates strict isolation for the corporate profile with full encryption, remote lock, and wipe of all corporate data.

Get an overview of VMware Horizon Workspace, including what it is and how it works.

A fourth winner would be VMware partners. A whole slew of applications can now be developed and downloaded to mobile devices for tailored business use, including: WebEx®, Evernote®, Zimbra® email, and Mitel®’s virtualized softphone (Virtual Mitel Unified Communicator® Advanced, or vUCA). Mitel’s UCA softphone on the device’s corporate profile accepts four-digit extension calls delivering full presence, availability, and collaboration.

Take a societal norm like mobile devices, build an ecosystem of corporate enablement, and you’ve once again changed the business landscape. It’s just the beginning, but it’s incredible to think of the revolutionary change in how we will conduct business. Any device, any operating system, infinite corporate profiles, any / all business users. When I’m loaded up and enabled with VMware Horizon Suite, I promise to never to leave home without it.

Mitel will be providing demos of vUCA Softphone at the upcoming VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) 2013, February 25 – 28 in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Visit us at Booth #705 where we’ll be showcasing our latest advances in real-time virtualized UCC solutions.

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