It is official: The End of Life has been announced for Nortel’s Business Communication Manager (BCM).

Over its lifespan of more than 20 years, BCM has become one of the most popular and reliable systems in the SMB market. Both end-users and resellers enjoyed the product for its feature richness and reliability. But sometimes good things come to an end; BCM is now “no more.”

Avaya has created a migration path for its customers, which includes support of BCM phones and preservation of BCM configuration data. But migration to a different platform involves more than just keeping the phones:

  • Customers are required to invest in Avaya’s IP Office 500 v2 platform, which translates into higher TCO.

  • Avaya’s IP Office cannot natively support BCM phones; customers are required to also purchase the hardware module to support BCM phones, which again translates into higher TCO. Moreover, this module will only be able to support BCM phones, but not IP Office phones, which means limited future use.

  • BCM customers will not be able to reuse their applications on Avaya’s IP Office. Instead, they are required to purchase new applications at an additional cost. In addition to, yet again, higher TCO, this requires changes in user experience and amended business processes.


The bottom line is that Nortel’s BCM to Avaya’s IP Office migration will be more expensive and challenging than Avaya wants its customers to believe. And since it takes an effort and investment to migrate to a new platform, customers should explore all available options.


ShoreTel offers special financial programs and incentives for customers with BCM or other legacy platforms to switch to ShoreTel’s robust and feature rich Unified Communications system.

ShoreTel’s offering is unique in the marketplace. Unlike other systems in the market that require a forklift upgrade as companies grow, ShoreTel’s VoIP platform scales from 10 to 20,000 users in up to 500 sites. ShoreTel offers a comprehensive feature set that covers all business sizes – small, medium and large. And ShoreTel is designed with brilliant simplicity in mind for ease of installation, use and support.

Because our solution is built on a single platform, businesses simply add switches as they grow. There is no EOL. Lower costs and no abandoned platforms creates a much more pleasant customer experience.

We invite BCM customers to see what ShoreTel has to offer. Learn more about our solution and contact us for a live demo.


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