Cascade Valley Hospital Recommends ShoreTel for Unified Communications


    In the healthcare industry, communication is vital—and, at times, a matter of life and death. That’s why a reliable telephone system is a basic imperative for any healthcare organization. But is it enough?

    Absolutely not. In today’s fast-paced, patient-centric world, communication requirements extend far beyond standard reliability. The daily operations of a healthcare facility, as with most businesses, typically involve communication between many players—including doctors, nurses, administrators, patients and patients’ families. Communications systems, therefore, must also be easy to use. At the same time, they must be functionally rich enough to deliver the advanced, high-quality services and features that busy professionals and anxious patients need. ShoreTel provides a brilliantly simple unified communications solution for healthcare.

    ShoreTel provides the following benefits for healthcare customers:

    • Scalability: Acquiring private practices? Expanding your hospital? Integrating legacy technology? ShoreTel enables you to dynamically build out and future-proof your system without a complex rip and replace, or huge up-front investment.

    • Availability and reliability: ShoreTel gives you consistent uptime with affordable redundancy and disaster recovery—without sacrificing service quality or management simplicity.

    • Ease of use and management: ShoreTel simplifies and centralizes communications functionality for doctors, nurses, administrators, and patients—ensuring quality care and prompt responses without demanding extra IT skills and extensive training.

    Cascade Valley Hospital and Clinics (formerly North Snohomish County Health System) is a community-based health care organization located in Arlington, Washington and comprises the Cascade Valley Hospital and affiliated clinics. Cascade Valley Hospital offers a wide range of health care services like: Acute Care, Clinical Laboratory, Day Surgery, Emergency Services, Family Birthing Center, Imaging Services, Intensive Care, Inpatient Surgery, Oncology Clinic, Sleep Disorders Lab, Cascade Valley Arlington Surgery Center and Wound Care Center.

    When the hospital added on a new wing of their hospital it was critical the phones were answered properly. When the IT manager looked at the proposals from Avaya and Cisco it was kind of complex to work through which components did which services. But when they got to the ShoreTel proposal it was very simple. The main reason they chose ShoreTel was because of ease of use. From using the handsets to using the ShoreTel Communicator, managing the system from a single web interface makes it very simple to use on a day to day basis.

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