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TCO & Cost Optimization | February 11, 2019

Global adoption and spending on UC is increasing, but managers must still demonstrate to CFOs why UC is the best technology to help accomplish key business goals.

TCO & Cost Optimization | February 21, 2018

A robust unified communications solution delivers a lower total cost of ownership for K-12 schools, meaning more room in your budget to meet students’ educational needs.

TCO & Cost Optimization | August 21, 2017

Writing a request for proposal can be complicated. With these 11 tips to writing a business communications RFP, you’ll find the best vendor for your needs.

TCO & Cost Optimization | August 08, 2017

Do you feel unsure about your business communications provider? Mitel can guide you through your digital transformation to future-proof your investment.

TCO & Cost Optimization | April 20, 2017

For government, education and nonprofit agencies, the RFP has long been the primary way of making large technology purchases.

TCO & Cost Optimization | March 09, 2017

Find out how the government of Victoria, Australia saved taxpayers $129 million by modernizing their communications and collaboration technology.

TCO & Cost Optimization | July 28, 2016

Shadow IT is much more prevalent than companies think—and it’s costing a fortune. Could clunky cloud applications be to blame?

TCO & Cost Optimization | February 05, 2016

The eldercare industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Today, people are living longer lives and the elderly are staying at home longer for a host of reasons. How can healthcare providers keep healthcare affordable without compromising care? Read on to find out.

TCO & Cost Optimization | October 06, 2015

As businesses and organizations look for cost savings, options to replace outdated legacy telecom systems and innovative ways to manage business growth, they are realizing that cloud communications provides new opportunities. According to Gigaom, by 2020, North American companies will have over 27 million employees using cloud communications tools with the European market not far behind.

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