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Mitel Next Recap: Mobile Worker and Consumer + MiContact Center


Business has evolved, with new innovations, like the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and 5G, continuously changing how businesses and customers engage. To enable today’s business to leverage these innovations and transform their customer experience, we recently announced the latest release in our contact center portfolio at our Mitel Next event in San Diego, California. With this newest edition of MiContact Center Business, businesses are empowered to deliver a consistent, intelligent customer experience across voice, email, social media, SMS, video and self-service. 

At Mitel Next, our contact center portfolio General Manager Brian Spencer examined today’s changing customer demographic and the importance of providing a millennial-ready digital customer experience. As individuals, we ourselves are mobile consumers that expect instant access to information at any time from any device—and so do our customers. And with so much information directly at our fingertips, we expect an intelligent, personalized customer experience every time we engage with a business. And it’s not just individuals that are increasingly connected; today’s customer experience is heavily impacted by a giant network of connected things, devices and enterprises.

Brian also touched on today’s constantly changing business model and the crucial need for the agility to respond to changing customer expectations in order to stay successful. The newest generation of MiContact Center Business is a mobile-first, millennial-ready customer engagement platform which delivers that agility, transforming every interaction into an opportunity to build customer loyalty.

MiContact Center Business powers digital customer experience through:

  • Seamless handling of voice, email, SMS, social media, video and self-service interactions
  • Intelligent routing that connects customers with the right person, on the first try, every time
  • CRM integration that puts valuable customer information at employees’ fingertips for informed, personalized interactions
  • UC integration that connects your entire enterprise, sharing knowledge through the business and driving immediate results
  • Easy-to-deploy web workspaces that provide flexibility and make integration of remote workers simple
  • Quality monitoring and management tools to ensure optimal performance
  • Embedded applications for intelligent service


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