The changing face of the contact centre and customer experience

    Contact centres have always been a central part of customer service, helping to drive business efficiencies and satisfaction, but long gone are the days when a contact centre can be fairly termed a ‘call centre’.

    The contact centre of today needs to support what has become an increasingly complex multi-channel environment, delivering the right kind of service to multiple customer types, including the demanding and technologically minded Generation Y.

    However, alongside this change, the strategic role that a contact centre can play within a business is starting to be more widely recognised. Agents who traditionally focused on a single mode of contact are now being tasked with managing both incoming and outgoing communication, with a view to optimising performance and maximising productivity.

    Technologies such as IP-based contact centre platforms are enabling remote working and virtual teams to drive down cost, with self-service options removing the need for an agent to manage every interaction. Migration towards cloud-based services is also providing the flexibility and multi-channel management capabilities that contact centres need to meet customer demand.

    In our latest paper, we highlight and explore the five people and technology trends that are driving significant shifts in the way contact centres operate. Whether you manage a contact centre, or are a business that relies on it, these trends are all influencing how your customers communicate with your brand:

    • Generation Y and the customer-centric contact centre
    • The move from cost centre to revenue generator
    • The blended contact centre
    • The rise in demand for unified suites
    • The contact centre as a service (CCaaS)

    The paper ‘Creating the contact centre of the future: the people and technology trends that are driving customer experience’ is available free of charge, here.

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