Changing Times Require Modern Communication, Collaboration Tools


    It's no secret that the millennial generation is inherently tech savvy. This younger set has spent a vast majority of its collective life around technology - observing, using and considering computers over the course of daily activity. According to No Jitter contributor Guy Clinch, millennials are what some people refer to as "digital natives." This distinction regarding aptitude with computers is why Entrepreneur contributor Scott McCool believes that enterprise communications are beginning to change.



    "Advanced technology and a younger, tech-savvy workforce have modernized our work environment with the result that businesses must work faster and collaborate across distances more than ever," stated McCool. "To speed operations and facilitate connections, companies are looking to invest in unified communications (UC), digital infrastructures that make collaboration technology ubiquitous."



    Businesses are starting to realize that their staffers are inherently equipped for innovation. Technology has become increasingly common in everyday life. The consumerization of IT has brought smartphones into the workplace - and helped employees bring the office with them when they leave. This is changing the way that people reach their goals, and more often than not is increasing productivity at the same time. Working remotely is a common occurrence.


    But in order to properly enable people and foster their modern skill sets, enterprises are going to have to invest in the right collaboration tools. Unified communications are going to be essential to possess, but UC is about more than just having all enterprise channels in the same location - they need to be available in the cloud while enabling the same kind of collaboration that was once only possible through face-to-face interactions.

    Considerations Must Be Made 

    Part of what makes unified communications so popular is its ability to be customized. Any organization can tailor cloud UC deployments to fit their individual needs. But this also means that no two initiatives are exactly the same. As every enterprise is different, their paths toward effective collaboration will vary.

    One of the biggest considerations to make comes from the general structure and office culture. 



    "[I]t is essential for a company to deliberate on the end user environment, namely those who will actually be using the tools," wrote TMCnet contributor Clayton Hamshar. "This includes knowledge of people's roles, objectives, personalities, issues, roadblocks and behaviors on a daily basis. Important questions to ask are where, when and how these tools will be used as well as what skills must be learned to adopt the technology."



    Chances are, there will not be much of a learning curve for employees. UC software is a result of the continued consumerization of smartphone technology. People are used to leveraging these kinds of assets in their personal lives, so they inherently comprehend the concepts behind it. The specifics may be new, but that shouldn't deter businesses from implementing new networks.


    Nature Of Work Is Changing

    Flexibility is essential these days. Now that so many people are enabled by cloud communications, it is possible for them to get more done from a variety of locations. With fewer barriers come greater expectations that must be met in order to facilitate success.



    "Employees ... want the capability to work from anywhere, which is in part why using their own devices is so important," stated McCool. "Productive millennials are proving by example that flexible work environments can succeed, assuming they provide easy connections to colleagues, partners, customers and data. It's up to CIOs to choose collaboration technology that enhances productivity from outside the office while simultaneously protecting business assets."



    This is how organizations need to think moving forward. Cloud unified communications is a vital tool for any company looking to stay ahead of competitors and increase employee satisfaction.





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