Channel Insider | The Evolution of Unified Communications as a Service

    Just about everybody in the channel would agree that unified communications have been a frustrating experience. While the technology holds great promise, the effort required to get customers to first test and then actually deploy it can be nothing short of herculean.

    But all that may be about to finally change for the better now that unified communications is going to be increasingly delivered as a service via the cloud. Rather than begging customers to devote resources to setting up complicated unified communications systems on premise and then finding the funding for the network upgrades that almost always required, unified communications as a service promises to be a lot more accessible.

    This is one of the primary reasons that ShoreTel, a provider of unified communications software decided earlier this year to acquire M5 Networks, a provider of unified communications software that is delivered as a service. According to M5 president Dan Hoffman, customers want to have an experience at work that is similar to the unified communications experience than can now routinely have at home using the Web.

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