Channel Partners - Need Assistance Transitioning to a Cloud Business Model?

    If you’re reading this blog and you’re a reseller in the UC industry I have a question to ask - are you ready to make the shift to a cloud business model?  As is evident from our recent partner program enhancements (read the details here) this is a huge part of the conversation throughout the channel these days.  It’s not an easy transition for those not currently utilizing a recurring revenue model, but is anything worthwhile ever easy?

    As a leading provider of premises-based IP solutions, ShoreTel realized that the future of communications is in the cloud and invested in the time-proven technology and business model behind our fully hosted cloud VoIP solution, ShoreTel Sky. As we work to grow/scale our own business, it’s imperative that we share our knowledge, from nearly 14 years of experience in a recurring revenue model, with partners that are committed to making it in a cloud world.

    I think it’s clear now that this fundamental shift to cloud services is much more than just hype.  The VAR Guy shares some strong opinions on the move to a CSB (Cloud Service Brokerage). Gartner has plenty to share on this topic as well.  There’s no doubt this model lends itself to empowering business to becoming more efficient, agile and innovative. Our focus at ShoreTel is to get clients out of the business of managing the phone system, so they can focus on growing their business.

    So, in an effort to get in front of partners looking to transition to a cloud model, we’re partnering with CSBexcellence to help facilitate these conversations via the CSBcommunity.

    “CSBexcellence is thrilled to have ShoreTel as a cloud tech vendor sponsor of CSBcommunity,” said Todd Hussey, partner and co-founder of CSBexcellence.  “One of the major goals of the CSBcommunity is joining ‘cloud committed’ channel partners with ‘cloud committed’ tech vendors. ShoreTel fits perfectly in the ‘cloud committed’ tech vendor category, not to mention being ‘partner committed.”

    We’re excited about this partnership, and we’re eager to be a part of helping partners make a successful transition.  I think it’s only a matter of time before we see the type of success that the MSPexcellence team has seen with partners they’ve already helped make the transition.

    As mentioned above, you don’t have to just take my word for it…the world is moving into the cloud and there are numbers to prove it.  Check out these stats on cloud adoption or read up on how far along cloud acceptance has come.  And then decide -- do you want to be playing catch up in the Cloud Services race, or would you rather be first out of the gate?

    The choice is yours, but if you’re not sure how to proceed, that is exactly where CSBcommunity can help you.  It’s an online community of industry experts dedicated to the emerging cloud-based apps and services markets.

    If you’re already on your way towards becoming a CSB, and just looking to partner with a leading cloud VoIP provider, submit your info here and one of our ShoreTel Sky channel managers will touch base with you shortly to start the conversation.

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