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    Logistics Company Adds a New Layer of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    Providing mission critical logistics services for the global market place and helping clients stay one step ahead of the competition requires a dedication to customer care and the use of leading-edge technology.

    Choice Logistics, a New York City-based global company that stores and delivers critical parts for major technology products, operates on six continents, in 80+ countries, and has over 400+ locations throughout the world.

    Even with some business continuity contingencies in place, hurricanes, explosions and other disasters threatened operations when workers found themselves unable to reach backup sites.

    Those events made it clear to Choice Logistics that they needed to add a new layer of business continuity to their disaster recovery plans.

    In order to keep operating 24/7/365 and serving customers regardless of location and in the event of natural disasters and power outages, the company deployed technology to enable remote workers.

    Choice Logistics has used Mitel contact center functionality to enable some of their top contact center agents to work from home. These at-home agents provide backup in case of an emergency, and can be used to quickly fill in if any agents call in sick or get to work late. All that is required is booting up their computer and logging in.

    The company has deployed a variety of Mitel solutions, including those that provide communications and collaboration capabilities for desktop and mobile workers, as well as our contact center platform, and has recently virtualized their Mitel unified communications and collaboration (UCC) systems for the data center and the desktop.

    To find out more about the technology that Choice Logistics deployed and the effects those tools had on their operations, read the original UC Strategies article Why Remote Workers are the Smart Choice for Choice Logistics by Blair Pleasant.


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