Choose Mobile VoIP For Secure Global Communications

    Compared to how it is today, expansion has not always been easy - especially on a global scale. Much of this has to do with the logistics required of enterprise telecom. Hardwiring an entirely new office with landline connections - namely overseas - is a difficult task. This is one of the reasons that so many organizations are switching to VoIP as they look to extend the reach of their brand.

    But it's not just having an IP-based connection that is so essential. According to TMCnet contributor Susan Campbell, mobile VoIP is the real advantage that businesses need to be implementing.

    "The use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for both businesses and consumers has brought significant benefits across the global marketplace," Campbell wrote. "Users can significantly reduce the cost of making long distance calls, while also streamlining communication efforts across the board."

    Mobile VoIP is an incredibly powerful asset for businesses to possess. Those companies that are looking to stay competitive and expand their offices around the world would be wise to make 2015 the year of mobile VoIP.

    Security Concerns Unfounded

    There have been many detractors of VoIP who claim that the technology is not secure enough for enterprise use. Those that take issue, however, are finding themselves in fewer numbers every day. According to TMCnet contributor Steve Anderson, the National Security Agency itself has even experienced trouble trying to unencrypt some VoIP connections.

    This speaks to just how effective online communications can be. VoIP and related IP-based communications solutions has to remain well-protected in order for it to be of any worth to enterprises in the present day. Thankfully, this is not hard to accomplish with the right people at the helm of the initiative to put VoIP into place.

    Worldwide Expansion

    While there are plenty of local businesses and other organizations out there that prefer just to operate in their immediate region, there are other companies with larger ambitions in mind. It no longer takes as much time or effort to expand a business on a global scale, and more companies are starting to realize that having mobile VoIP in place will do wonders for the rate of their growth.

    "[I]t's clear that the demand is growing throughout the global marketplace," Campbell wrote. "Professionals and consumers alike want access to apps, information and entertainment at a low cost."

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