Choosing the best phone system is easier than most expect

    Upgrading a business phone system is important, especially with so many different options available today. For some companies, this can seem like a daunting task. However, according to Dynamic Business, this process can be made simpler by addressing a few basic considerations, such as feature, support availability and the need for future growth.

    Of the various legacy and cloud-based VoIP PBX solutions, there are a number of options that a business can consider: on-premise VoIP service, cloud VoIP, hybrid solutions and traditional PBX. In order to pick the optimal solution, a business needs to consider which features and how much support it needs for deployment. However, one vital question many business forget to consider is whether or not they need to prepare for future growth.


    With legacy PBX, many businesses need to upgrade and add additional, expensive hardware to support an increase in employees. Hosted PBX solutions do not require this, however, and provide impressive savings through pay-as-you-go options. Whether it has 20 employees or 200, a company will only pay for the data that it uses and still receive the highest quality service.



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