Choosing a Phone System for the Staffing Industry

    Today, the key to success in staffing is flexibility. Winning companies are able to reorganize teams around service specialties and are not limited by geography. They are able to expand or contract as conditions demand without damaging their market presence. And most importantly, they provide an outstanding and consistent customer experience.

    When choosing a phone system for your staffing firm, keep the following tips in mind.

    Call Coverage
    Every call is important. Utilize all of your resources with flexible teams focused on targeted industries and seamlessly distribute calls across offices or remote agents.

    Simplify and make your applicant and client experience more consistent with four-digit dialing between offices. Telework should also be an option, so that you can attract and retain top agents.

    Integrating popular applicant tracking systems including Bullhorn, JobDiva, MaxHire, and Sendouts, provides your business with the ability to manage client relationships, maximize resource utilization and improve operational efficiency.

    Improve agent performance through enhanced training using eavesdrop, whisper and barge tools from any location.

    Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    In the event of an emergency, easily re-route calls to another office, remote location or cell phones.  Get voice mail alerts and transcriptions so you can return calls quickly.

    Text Messaging
    In staffing, quick action is required and communication delays can hinder your candidate’s chance for a job and your opportunity for a placement. With M5 Business SMS, users can send and receive text messages with their office phone number. Messages are sent from a browser based widget, so use of a mobile device is not necessary. Incoming messages are displayed in the widget and also delivered via email, making it easy to add text communications to any recruiter’s toolbox. Texting is perhaps the most effective and immediate way to reach your clients and applicants.

    Improve Service
    Hello, Is anyone there? Do you know how often a client or prospect calls you, but it unable to reach a “real” person?  With the Live Answer Service Metric, M5 business phone solution customers can tell exactly how many calls reach a person, regardless of which line is called or how many auto-attendants are used to direct the call.

    These solutions and more can be found with M5 Solutions for the Staffing Industry. If you are interested in learning more, contact an M5 staffing industry expert today for a free business impact analysis.

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