Christian Gilby in UCStrategies Article Emphasizes Usability of Mobile UC Apps

    Christian Gilby, ShoreTel's director of product management, makes a strong case for the simplicity of mobile unified communications applications Tuesday in the influential UC-focused Website, UCStrategies.

    “There is a simple test for judging the success of applications. If they are easy to use, there’s a good chance they’ll succeed. If not, their future is dark. This formula is being played out now in the mobile unified communications (UC) space,” Gilby wrote in an article, For UC Apps, It’s All About Usability.

    UCStrategies, which is run by an alliance of leading communication industry advisors, analysts, and consultants, is a leading voice in the UC industry, and Gilby’s piece was accepted as a meaningful contribution to the ongoing development of UC.

    Gilby says the nature of work has changed so that workers are no longer in their office doing business by making phone calls.

    “Now we’re on our mobile phone and sending instant messages and texts. We may even want to do a video presentation while on the go,” Gilby wrote. “The ability to seamlessly switch between these modalities with mobile UC apps becomes an important consideration. The UC vendors need to focus more on these issues.”

    ShoreTel Mobility is leading this movement by letting businesses of all sizes to integrate leading smartphones and tablets with existing enterprise communication applications and infrastructure.

    Gilby is no stranger to mobile UC. He has more than 15 years of product management and engineering experience in the networking industry with a strong focus on mobility and VoWLAN.  He is a key member of the ShoreTel marketing team responsible for product management and technical marketing of the industry-leading ShoreTel Mobility products. Gilby joined ShoreTel through the acquisition of Agito Networks where he was responsible for product management and product marketing.

    Prior to Agito, he was an early member of the Meru Networks team driving product development and partnerships in VoWLAN and Wi-Fi access solutions during his six year tenure.  Previously, he held several networking and VoIP project lead and software architect positions at Nortel Networks where he was also granted a patent.

    ShoreTel’s development of leading UC mobile solutions continues, Gilby said Tuesday while taking a coffee break at ShoreTel. “While mobile UC really starts with voice communications being the key focus, now we’re seeing the shift to multi-model communications where people are no longer limited to only talking, but they can send text messages to ask a peer a question during a call, initiate a conference or even escalate a conversation from text to a call with a single click. With this shift to leveraging the smartphone and tablet as the main devices for multimodal communications, we are addressing the usability challenges with our recently introduced ShoreTel Dock that brings the power and ergonomics of the desk phone to mobiles,” Gilby said. “Look for more exciting products along these lines from ShoreTel.”

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