CIOs responsible for effective customer relationship management

    Customer sentiment has always been a priority in business, but new technology is making increased customer satisfaction possible.

    Because consumers are now able to find information about products and services on the internet, it's important to provide quality customer care to maintain relationships. In the age of information, it's easy for customers to turn to a competitor if they aren't satisfied.


    According to CIO Journal, CIOs can influence how their companies' IT departments develop customer relationship management (CRM) systems to improve how customers interact with the company.


    IT professionals often feel distanced from customers because much of the relationship is managed over internet channels that deprive customers of a face, according to the news source. Even if customers seem faceless and nameless, though it's essential that CIOs understand how they influence the company so that the best possible CRM systems can be implemented.


    CIOs can turn to social CRM to help improve customer relationships. Social CRM (sCRM) uses social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest along with analytics to best understand customer satisfaction, industry trends and sources of revenue, according to Business 2 Community.


    If CIOs understand the ways that CRM can positively affect their businesses, they will enjoy rewards in customer satisfaction.



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