Client Loyalty: Your Ultimate Goal

    "Thank you for calling Acme Company. What is your account number?"


    Have you heard this on the other line before? If so, you know how frustrating it is when the company you're calling doesn't know who you are. What if you instead heard, "Thanks for calling in today, Mr. Smith! Are you still having trouble with the ticket we spoke about yesterday?" The result is an improved customer experience, and it can be accomplished through the intelligent integration of data.


    Intelligently integrating data is the action of pooling data from all systems together, analyzing the data pool, and sending useful information back out to the systems that can utilize it. Implementing APIs (Application Program Interfaces) focused on intelligently integrating data for ShoreTel systems will increase your clients' customer retention, creating loyal ShoreTel users. Here's how:

    APIs  can allow your clients' call center agents to know the customer before they even answer the phone. This works by creating a central access point for the data to flow to that connects the ShoreTel system to the other systems agents are utilizing. Palitto Consulting Services (PCS) specializes in creating the central access point and the APIs required to allow all systems to communicate in an effective and useful way. The image below illustrates the concept visually:

    Palitto Consulting Services

    Problem: A large state credit union was facing trouble with authentication for its callers. For every call, the center agents were required to verbally authenticate the caller. Not only was this annoying to the callers, but it also required the agents to spend about 60 seconds on this task for every call. The credit union found that this meant about an hour of time was focused on this task per agent, per day. This adds up to a lot of money!

    Solution: In an effort to both save time and improve the customer experience, the credit union was looking for a solution. Their ShoreTel representative referred the credit union to Palitto Consulting Services to determine if APIs would be able to help. Upon evaluating the needs of the credit union, PCS was able to design, create and implement a solution! Now, when a customer calls in, there is an automated authentication before the agent picks up the line. The agent now knows exactly who the caller is before having to ask any questions, saving time and providing an overall better experience for the caller.

    Value: This solution created a very pleased credit union that is now extremely loyal to their ShoreTel system because it provided them with happier customers and a tremendous amount of saved time and money.

    How do your clients' agents answer the phone? If they are asking for account information, your clients could be losing customer loyalty and wasting time. Integrating APIs into the process will increase their customer retention. This is only one spoke on the wheel though! APIs help call centers make effective use of their ShoreTel systems, improve security, enable automation, save time and money, and allow for very specific marketing to their callers. If you are ready to create loyal clients, call Palitto Consulting Services to see how we can help! 

    Palitto Consulting Services (PCS) is a sponsor of the 2016 ShoreTelOne Global Partner Conference, a gathering of ShoreTel’s channel partners and distributors as well as industry analysts and consultants from around the globe. The event will take place the week of Dec. 5 at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Fla. Learn more about the conference here.

    Tim Zarkovacki is a solutions architect at Palitto Consulting. Tim spends his time working with ShoreTel partners around the world developing integrations with many applications. As an experienced industry leader, Tim’s passion is in helping businesses become more efficient through integration of their software and business systems. 

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