Cloud 101: Understanding the Basics

    As the cloud begins to quickly shape business communications and operations, organizations across nearly every vertical today are now seriously considering—or have already deployed—a cloud service. In fact, 91 percent of IT decision-makers have a positive opinion about the cloud and 50 percent either already offer or are in the process of offering cloud services. However, many businesses still remain in the dark as to what exactly the cloud communication is and what it can do for their business. Here we offer a quick breakdown.

    What Is Cloud Communications?

    Simply put, cloud communications make traditional voice and data communications transferrable and accessible over the open Internet. These Internet-based communications (including telecommunications applications, storage and more) are hosted by a third-party vendor and require no maintenance or management by the organization utilizing the service.

    What Are the Benefits of Cloud Communications?

    There are plenty of reasons why organizations decide to rely on the cloud for business optimization, including:

    • Cost savings: Not only are cloud-users able to shed the burden of on-premise, legacy hardware, they can also take advantage of a range of flexible and convenient payment methods, including month-by-month and pay-as-you-go models.
    • Disaster recovery: Businesses operating within the cloud experience nearly four times faster recovery rates than non-cloud users, and see a decreased number of downtime events.
    • Improved security: Fifty-seven percent of users feel that hosting their communications in the cloud actually strengthens their security when compared to more traditional methods of computing.

    Other notable benefits of cloud communications include simplified upgrades and overall management, enhanced business collaboration and better support for geographically disparate—or virtual—working teams.

    Now for the last—and perhaps most important—question: How can you start benefiting from cloud communications? There will always be a cloud communications solution to complement your business, regardless of its size or specialty. Click here to begin your cloud journey.


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