Cloud-based phone system a jack of all trades

    Companies of all sizes are leveraging cloud computing to improve collaboration, lower IT costs and operate more efficiently, but there are even more uses associated with the solution. Vlad Shmunis, a contributing writer for the Salt Lake Tribune, recently suggested that a cloud phone system is also a major advantage of the technology.

    The writer noted that cloud-based phone systems help organizations achieve functionality similar to that of PBX options and are hosted off-site while offered as a service.


    "Because they don’t require customers to buy and maintain expensive telecommunications equipment, they're much more affordable than conventional PBXs," Shmunis explained. "In simple terms, this refers to any switchboard system, and because cloud-based phone technology exists on the web, it can be accessed from anywhere - a desk phone, a cellphone or even a PC or tablet."


    The writer added that companies leveraging a cloud phone system not only operate more efficiently, but project a more professional tone. Businesses can keep in contact with their employees, clients and customers regardless of their location.


    Shmunis also explained that VoIP business phone systems allow organizations to route calls through the internet and via home, soft, mobile or desk phones.


    "It's possible to run a company virtually - to take calls, make calls, listen to voice mail, send faxes from anywhere. Cloud-based phone systems enable business owners to stay connected with customers, suppliers, partners and vendors, whether they’re in the office or working remotely," Shmunis wrote.


    Companies should ask vendors several questions


    Shmunis concluded that businesses planning to adopt cloud-based phone systems should ask service providers important questions regarding such a deployment. Ideal vendors should offer customer service anytime through social networks, the internet and phone platforms. Companies are also encouraged to identify services that come with no hidden costs.


    Cloud phone systems offer significant value


    A recent report by the Guardian also highlighted the immense potential associated with cloud-based phone systems. The news provider explained that the technology is especially beneficial for small businesses seeking greater scalability and operational flexibility.


    The Guardian added that small businesses can lower their operating costs because they no longer have to host their own systems on-site and continuously maintain this technology. Seasonal companies also benefit from the cloud because they can leverage solutions to match their changing staffing requirements.



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