Cloud-based phones benefit businesses

    Cloud computing is becoming a popular way for IT departments to save money and streamline their processes, which is why vendors are offering cloud-based phone systems to enterprises looking to stay connected.

    Businesses have used the telephone since it was first invented, but advancements have continued to push the capabilities of the technology. For example, one of the more recent developments, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allows users to make phone calls over the internet.

    One of the biggest benefits of cloud based phone systems is how cost effective they are. Compared to land line phone systems, cloud options can greatly reduce price, especially if a business's employees are often making long-distance calls to clients or other branches.

    According to ZDNet, a world of cloud services is not so far in the future. The news source reported that the end of 2012 will bring a plethora of cloud computing choices to enterprises worldwide.

    IT departments are faced with many choices in the era of cloud computing, reported GigaOM. As new cloud phone options and other cloud-based services come to the market, leaders will have to decide which to deploy within their enterprises.

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