Cloud-based services can improve customer service

    Contact center companies have reported increased quality of customer service and better monitoring of services through newly implemented cloud-based solutions. Utilizing cloud services can not only increase the amount of calls that contact centers can take, but also improve flexibility and reporting options. Call recording can also give supervisors the ability to monitor customer calls and provide real-time coaching for representatives.

    One important feature of cloud-based contact center solutions is the ability to not only prioritize and manage calls, but also provide availability information to customers. Callers can see agent and queue status and select a service representative with a shorter wait, or who is currently available.

    By enhancing customer service through a call center, a company can not only increase revenue, but also improve customer retention and employee productivity. Agents can better prioritize calls and therefore help more callers throughout the day. Having the services based in the cloud also allows agents to record all calls and store them in a central location for later reference and removes geographic restrictions as well as the need for physical servers. Working from home can improve productivity and even enable employees to maintain service during inclement weather.