Cloud-based services can improve customer service

    A recent poll of webinar attendees found that 57 percent have moved, or are considering migrating primary operations to the cloud. The webinar was hosted by Forrester Research and Interactive Intelligence, who named cloud migration as the No. 1 contact center trend for this year. Other major trends include mobility, social media integration and "customer experience."

    Cloud VoIP provides a number of useful benefits for contact center agents. Cutting hardware and maintenance costs, improving employee flexibility and over-all improvement of call quality all contribute to better service and increased revenue.

    According to Art Schoeller, principle analyst at Forrester Research and one of the webinar hosts, a hosted phone system is both more adaptable for clients and agents, but also more convenient. Cloud solutions allow for easier deployment of unified communications systems, as well as other high quality features such as call recording.

    Ultimately, call centers will benefit from cloud migration, and most concerns about the service are unfounded. "Despite reduced requirements in terms of staff and IT infrastructure, the functionality offered by cloud-based systems is in no way compromised as a result of its off-premise locale," said Joe Staples, of Interactive Intelligence, at the webinar.

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