Cloud-based UC changing the enterprise

    A large change is happening in the enterprise as more businesses adopt cloud computing services. Cloud computing allows companies to access software and business solutions place over the internet, rather than on in-house servers. In the past, executives worried about the security of cloud solutions, but as the technology develops, security is improving quickly and many vendors are offering security services as part of their cloud packages.

    Companies are turning to cloud PBX phone systems as well as storage systems and email solutions based in the cloud. Unified communications (UC), the synthesis of voice, mobile and video tools, is also available in the cloud, often as an inexpensive option, making it accessible to all types of companies.


    UC's presence is increasing

    UC usually includes a number of different systems that allow sales professionals, customer service representatives, business executives, IT specialists and others to connect with clients and co-workers. In a UC system, communications are streamlined and unified using one interface. Often, UC solutions can be deployed on mobile devices. Cloud-based phone services are becoming popular among businesses wanting to save money on expensive calling services. Making phone calls over the internet can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional land lines, and as the technology advances, the quality of internet calling is improving as well.


    According to a new report by TechNavio, the global market for UC is expected to grow. In an analysis of the how the UC market will change in the coming years, the report noted that many vendors are turning to cloud services for UC.


    Cloud services at the forefront

    In his whitepaper "The Big Shift in Communications–The Drive Toward Cloud-Based Communications," blogger David Michels discusses the growing trend of businesses shifting toward cloud-based UC services.


    "The [report] clears up some of the vague terms surrounding the cloud and then dives into some of the objective benefits of the cloud in dealing with unifying multiple locations, enabling collaboration and taking enterprise communications and video conferencing out of the office and teleconference facilities," said Michels. The cloud offers businesses the ability to have workers perform tasks remotely and is often less expensive than using legacy in-house servers.


    According to Business Solutions, there is a growing market for UC services such as email, mobile and instant messaging. Providers are able to convince clients to move to UC solutions because it makes meetings, working out of the office and connecting employees in different locations much easier. Not only are more companies using UC, but the technologies are improving. Enhanced security is making cloud-based UC more attractive, as is the growing emphasis on the customer market.


    In a world of high expectations and heightened communication capabilities, businesses can get ahead by offering UC services to employees and clients. A streamlined interface and the ability to use a multitude of mediums to communicate can help everyone do their job to the best of their ability.



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