Cloud-based UC considered the future, expert says

    Unified communications is changing the way companies operate by integrating several platforms into one system, allowing businesses to lower operating costs and improve employee collaboration. Moving forward, cloud-based UC deployments are expected to make the technology "future proof," according to SYS-CON Media's Karil Reibold.

    "Cloud-based unified communications is driving down the cost of deploying a fully integrated unified communications solution," Reibold explained. "Cloud solutions do not require huge upfront capital investments and, as a result, they allow organizations to shift capital expenses into more predictable operational expenses to reap significant annual costs savings. Cloud also provides flexibility and facilitates mobility, improving collaboration."


    The writer noted that hybrid cloud deployments that offer the best of both off-site and on-premise technologies are gaining steam as a viable option to support unified communications. When purchasing UC solutions, organizations should pay for options that include access, help desk support, training, management, long distance and downtime costs upfront so vendors do not charge them for unexpected costs.


    Another advantage of cloud-based unified communications is that it helps businesses improve their overall mobile capabilities, allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world. Workers who are located at another job site, at home or a hotel room can make and manage calls as if they were in the office, Reibold added.


    Small businesses should adopt cloud-based UC

  recently suggested that small businesses should adopt cloud-based unified communications for a number of reasons, especially if they are still using outdated phone systems. These options are helpful for employees as well, allowing them to do their jobs more effectively by answering phone calls through multiples devices, regardless of location. This is a capability that older phone deployments simply do not offer.


    "Depending on the service you choose, you might also get a mobility option included, which will allow you to respond to your particular extension within any telecommunications device you have, such as a smartphone or softphone on a computer," the news provider explained. "There's no reason why you should settle for any less."


    The Smallbiztechnology report concluded that companies no longer have to be restricted to the confines of their offices, thanks to cloud-based unified communications. The time savings alone are worth the consideration.