Cloud to become more prominent in 2012

    Whether they employ the technology for communications, applications or infrastructure, businesses are expected to increase their investments in cloud computing during 2012, according to a recent Unisys report.

    The news source anticipates organizations are treating the cloud as their primary IT investment focus for the year. This trend is gaining prominence because the technology is becoming popular in the private and public sectors alike.

    Fred Dillman, CTO for Unisys, explained that the cloud, among other emerging technologies, spent most of 2011 limited to laboratory and trial deployments. During 2012, more companies will begin moving the cloud into their mainstream production environments, which will likely lead to significant investments in the sector.

    Unisys anticipates that the continued prioritization of cloud services will lead more businesses to analyze their operations and cloud investments to identify the most effective way to deploy the technology.

    In the case of communications, cloud computing is acting as a key enabler. Businesses that may have only been able to afford basic phone services in the past can use the cloud to access unified communications and robust call center solutions that would otherwise be out of reach.

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