Cloud communications and the future of IT

    IT professionals will need to prepare for the future of their industry as cloud-based communications solutions begin to overtake traditional systems. According to the Data Center Journal, services such as unified communications will soon be one of many migrating to company clouds because of cost benefits. By properly preparing and implementing the proper hardware and software solutions, IT departments in companies both big and small will be able to reduce the chances of costly confusion and missteps.

    According to the news source, it will be important for IT professionals to analyze not only how and where information is collected across corporate networks, but also also make sure that all technology management and maintenance is controlled by the department. Information technology is not only a collection of data and computers, but a service. It is important that any changes to a company's technology infrastructure, such as the addition of a hosted phone system or similar solutions, reflect this, and do not complicate the services provided to employees.


    As technology improves IT professionals have to adopt new skill sets and learn more complex systems, so these types of changes are by no means new. The implementation of cloud-based solutions like VoIP service is no different from the adoption of tablets for business use several years ago or the introduction of smartphones before that, according to the Data Center Journal. Even earlier, the laptop became the foundation of working remotely, allowing professionals to telecommute from a coffee shop or hotel on business trips.


    However, the service provided is more important than how it was made possible, according to the news source. Workers do not care how their unified communications systems work, just that they are reliable and effective. Therefore, it is an IT departments responsibility to encourage simple, efficient technology solutions. Employing cloud-based systems will not only ensure this, but also provide savings for the company as well.


    The consolidation of hardware and associated real estate space by moving communications system to the cloud can save significant amounts of money for a business, especially a small one that only needs one simple cloud network. Some federal agencies have even reduced their IT budgets by one fifth, according to a recent survey by Meritalk.



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