Cloud communications models differ in privacy, cost

    When a business makes the move to cloud-based solutions for unified communications and collaboration, it is important for it to consider public, private and hybrid cloud types. According to ChannelPartners, while private clouds - those hosted on-site or by a partner - are more costly, there are a number of reasons that businesses choose this type over public platforms for UCC solutions.

    Based on information from an Osterman Research survey, 58 percent of companies avoid public cloud models because of a lack of customization and IT control. In addition, 48 percent of respondents said they believe integrating public cloud services, such as hosted VoIP, with in-house systems would be too complicated. Other concerns related to public cloud models included security and reliability.


    According to the news source, a hybrid model, combining private and public solutions, may be the most viable, especially for larger companies or those with a high number of remote locations. Hybrid cloud options provide the best of the other models by removing the complexity of the private model while allowing the company the peace of mind that comes with it. While, 49 percent of the Osterman survey respondents said they felt public cloud options are not mature enough to handle their needs, hybrid models will allow these companies to develop a hosted UCC solution that can easily migrate to a public cloud, which will save businesses money.



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