Cloud computing benefits are vast

    Cloud computing is one of the most advantageous technologies available, and Business 2 Community's Celina Conner recently highlighted the benefits of the solution and why companies should leverage the cloud.

    Businesses using cloud computing are no longer required to purchase the fastest computers because employees can perform all of their tasks through the cloud. Conner asserted that although these savings might seem meager on the surface, they can add up quickly, given how many workers a company employs.


    "Cloud computing allows an employee to use a different number of devices like laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones to work on projects," Conner wrote. "This makes it possible for employees that travel a lot to manage accounts their accounts and be updated while on the go."


    Some of the knocks against cloud computing have been its lack of security, but the writer explained that cloud vendors offer increased protection for clients, especially small businesses. Data is also more protected in the cloud because if a computer is stolen, lost or damaged, the mission-critical files can be still be accessed because they are off-site.


    The writer added that businesses leveraging the cloud do not have to purchase computers with large storage capacity. With the cloud, companies that exceed their storage requirements can simply pay for additional space.


    Cloud computing benefits translate to unified communications


    More businesses are looking for ways to improve their IT infrastructure, and both the cloud and unified communications are considered helpful options. SYS-CON Media's Karil Reibold recently emphasized how cloud-based UC deployments can literally change how companies operate, especially those that are expanding.


    "Cloud-based solutions eliminate the problem of hardware obsolescence and costly software licensing and lifecycle management," Reibold wrote. "Make sure that your partner regularly updates their solutions, and as new features become available they can be deployed on a per-user basis or to the entire company so that you can take advantage of them."


    With cloud-based unified communication in place, businesses can also scale their operations when needed so they do not waste any resources. Reibold noted this benefit is attractive for growing companies that no longer have to spend more money for on-site employees to manage their IT.


    Since more employees than ever are using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, organizations can support these workers with the cloud so they remain productive anywhere, Reibold added.





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