Cloud computing changing business communications

    For the most part, discussions about the cloud focus on its ability to reduce operational costs, improve disaster recovery processes and make IT more flexible and scalable in nature. However, there is also a more understated, cultural change that is driven by cloud computing systems. To a great extent, this shift will bring about major enhancements in how businesses communicate, Sys-Con Media reported.

    As the cloud continues to develop and mature at a rapid pace, it is important to recognize that it is still a fairly young technology. The report said this has led to a focus on the tangible efficiency gains that come on the IT side of the technology. However, cloud computing will also revolutionize business processes, especially communications.

    Collaboration will completely change as cloud technology becomes more prominent in the enterprise, the report said, and could emerge as one of the most important gains associated with the technology. The cloud is emerging as a tool that is supporting and enabling more advanced forms of communication within businesses. This is breaking down divisions between departments and business partners, creating an environment in which communications are streamlined and more effective. Over time, this process will completely transform collaboration models for organizations.

    To fully explain the importance of the cloud to communications, the report compared it to other major technological innovations during the past few years. For example, the client/server model of computing became prominent because businesses wanted to establish businesses around separate departments. Then the internet became widely used because it enabled businesses to communicate on a global scale. Now cloud computing is changing the IT landscape and offering similarly transformational gains in terms of collaboration.

    The key attribute bringing about this change is the cloud's ability to separate underlying application, resource and service systems from the hardware, the report said. This is creating an environment in which businesses can more closely align IT with end user needs, improving collaboration by enabling more adaptable work environments.

    This trend is already emerging when it comes to business phone systems. Companies can use cloud-based telephony plans to completely separate their calling capabilities from the PBX, which is hosted by a third-party. By accomplishing this, businesses can scale their phone systems to changing demands with ease and invest in new sophisticated services to foster collaboration without having to buy new hardware.