Cloud computing considered crucial for call centers

    Cloud computing is considered one of the most influential solutions in the IT market and the technology's impact is only expected to continue growing. An online scheduling company recently announced that the cloud will also influence the modern call center, citing industry research conducted by Gartner that found that 75 percent of all call centers will integrate the cloud in their operations by 2013.

    The company's CEO, Bob La Loggia, noted that call centers and customer service departments are key for many organizations, but they can be difficult to manage.


    By leveraging the cloud, experts agree that businesses can improve their call center operations and boost overall efficiency.


    As more organizations worldwide adopt cloud services, vendor profits are projected to skyrocket. A MarketsandMarkets study suggested that global cloud revenue will grow from approximately $38 billion in 2010 to more than $121 billion by 2015.


    "Cloud computing not only reduces business costs, but also makes applications accessible from any location, and reacts swiftly to changes in business needs," the study explained.