Cloud computing considered key for UC maturation

    Unified communications are considered by many industry experts as one of the most effective solutions on the IT market. However, UC is still relatively young, according to Forbes contributor Ray Dolan, who recently suggested that the technology still has growing to do.

    Tools such as video conferencing, email, text messaging and mobile phones are considered useful for organizations looking to improve employee collaboration regardless of location. The writer indicated that these options have also caused many complexities in the process.


    "We now have voicemail for our office phones, cell phones and home phones, multiple email inboxes, text messaging, instant messaging, and video chat, and have social channels that connect us," Dolan explained. "If someone wants to reach you and they do not get an immediate response on one channel, they’ll jump to another."


    The writer indicated that as more devices and applications are incorporated into a company's network, costs and challenges are expected to follow. As a result, unified communications have become fragmented, but there are ways to address this situation.


    "The first step is to ensure there is a flexible and fluid IT environment that directly and indirectly helps everyone communicate, while allowing IT to manage costs and reduce complexity," Dolan wrote. "That's a seemingly high bar to clear. One effective way to get over this hurdle is by seeking cloud-based VoIP, unified communications and associated applications."


    Cloud computing allows businesses to integrate a number of collaboration technologies, helping companies gain a competitive advantage because they are not required to pay for on-premise solutions that do not deliver, Dolan added.


    Cloud computing surpasses outdated phone systems


    Salt Lake Tribune contributor Vlad Shmunis has suggested one of the many benefits of cloud computing technology is cloud-based phone systems. The writer asserted that these solutions offer businesses operating capabilities similar to those found in traditional PBX systems, but require less maintenance and operating costs.


    As more organizations are looking for ways to ensure employees are connected to the internet regardless of location, Shmunis indicated that a cloud phone system is ideal because workers can operate without restrictions, using devices like smartphones, tablets and PCs.


    The writer added that companies looking to ensure they are available at all times for their consumers or clients can do so with cloud phone systems.



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