Cloud computing expected to make UC more accessible

    A recent Channel Insider report suggested that one of the most difficult aspects of the unified communications market is having more companies adopt the technology. While the platform is considered beneficial for a variety of reasons, businesses have not migrated to a UC infrastructure without first testing it. However, cloud computing may help accelerate UC use moving forward.

    "Rather than begging customers to devote resources to setting up complicated unified communications systems on premise and then finding the funding for the network upgrades that almost always required, unified communications as a service promises to be a lot more accessible," the Channel Insider report said.


    The news provider added that the shift to UC-as-a-Service has been in the works for years, but now that more vendors are offering such solutions, broader adoption is expected to take place. However, some challenges will remain, including convincing organizations to upgrade from their current systems.


    Small and medium-sized businesses have already begun adopting technology like unified communications. Market analysis firm IDC said it expects U.S. SMBs to spend more than $138 billion for information technology this year, including for solutions like cloud computing, UC, PCs and software.



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