Cloud computing improves modern call center

    The modern call center has undergone several changes in recent years as consumers communicate with businesses through a number of channels in addition to traditional phone conversations. Business 2 Community's Omar Zaibak recently explained how some companies can experience agitated customers if their call centers fail to deliver.

    "Repeating information to agents, waiting on hold and navigating phone menus are the main reasons customers dread the call center," Zaibak explained. "Negative caller experiences drive customers to the competition, and to share these experiences with the world through social media, eroding the reputations of countless companies."

    Although more people are using several contact channels to communicate with companies, phone is still the top platform. Zaibak cited a Forrester Consulting study that found that more than 80 percent of consumers prefer phone support, followed by 33 percent who named email.

    To improve the modern call center, Zaibak encouraged businesses to adopt cloud computing technology to lower operating costs, establish improved customer experiences and offer improved call back features for consumers who are on hold.

    "The availability and convenience of cloud-based technologies that enable support organizations to meet these expectations is changing the caller experience from a nightmare into a customer service dream," Zaibak wrote.

    Call center data can be valuable

    While companies in the past were primarily concerned with how many calls their centers received or their resolution rate, the information stored on this platform can help businesses improve future operations, according to a CIO report.

    Deepek Advani, vice president of predictive analytics for an IT solutions vendor, said some companies are leveraging text and sentiment analysis to study their call center information. Also, businesses are integrating call center data with their transactional warehouse data to reduce customer turnover, the news source reported.

    The need for analytics is considered necessary for the modern call center, according to HfS Research executive vice president Tony Filippone. The expert explained that social media and other online channels are making it more difficult for businesses to study the information located in their call centers, CIO reported.

    Given the fact that more people are using smartphones, tablets and social media in addition to traditional phones and email channels, businesses not prepared to offer customers improved experiences through any platform may see their consumers go elsewhere for service.