Cloud computing making videoconferencing more accessible

    Videoconferencing and telepresence technologies are traditionally among the most expensive and difficult unified communications technologies to employ. However, cloud computing's ability to deliver videoconferencing capabilities to a diverse range of end-user devices is making the technology significantly more accessible, InAVate reported.

    According to the news source, businesses working to deploy videoconferencing technologies have traditionally had to tie the voice and video transit infrastructure to a large television screen, monitor or similar device. This made the technology so expensive that it was only really accessible for executives.

    With cloud computing changing the unified communications landscape, the report said businesses can suddenly deliver videoconferencing to desktop PCs, laptops and even tablets. This is making the technology considerably less expensive and offers a greater return on investment.

    Dominic Dodd, principal analyst for Frost & Sullivan, told the news source the endpoint spending price has completely dropped off so far that it is now a negligible cost.

    Cloud technology is becoming more popular for unified communications systems in general. In a recent Unified Communications Strategy report, industry expert Marty Parker said 2011 witnessed major growth for cloud-based UC technologies.

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