Cloud computing is rescuing the contact center, report says

    For many call center managers, the endless cycle of building state-of-the-art technological systems, using them until they can no longer support operations and replacing them with entirely new solutions is the natural way of getting things done. However, a recent iMedia Connection report said cloud computing can break this vicious cycle, enabling true innovation in the contact center.

    The news source explained that it was not uncommon, before the cloud became more prominent, for call center managers to invest in a new technology, only to find out it is not all they thought it would be. They're then stuck in that circumstance for five to 10 years.


    The cloud, on the other hand, allows contact center managers to flexibly choose communications solutions based on current needs, scale the platform at any time and gain access to robust capabilities without having to pay for the hardware, the report said.


    Contact centers are not the only organizations that can benefit from cloud telephony solutions. Business phone systems built on the cloud also offer similar benefits to call center platforms, while also enabling advanced disaster recovery capabilities.



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